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Update re Achiltibuie and Dundonnell branch clinics.

Unfortunately, since the plans detailed below were made there have been 15 Covid positive cases in our community last week, with that figure almost doubling this week.  This means many households are now self-isolating and this has then had an impact on the wider community and local businesses.  From a Practice perspective we have postponed some routine appointments or changed them to a phone-call where appropriate.   

In light of the ongoing changes locally, we may need to postpone the July branch surgery, but we will not make this decision in haste, we will leave it until the week before; so w/c 19th July.  If we deem it safe and appropriate, then we will hold the branch clinics as planned.    

I think unfortunately this sudden change locally demonstrates the unpredictability of the Covid situation and although we have been incredibly lucky locally up until now, we can't become complacent.

Branch surgery update

Last month we discussed within the Practice the reintroduction of branch clinics and agreed that we could draw up a phased return contingent on the Highland area remaining in Tier 1 with local Covid infection rates remaining low. 

 We understand the impact of the branch clinic service being paused and that for some it has caused more issues than for others – we are very keen to return to a sustainable and appropriate service model that will meet the needs of all our patients.  Having said that, the Practice is still under-resourced to the tune of more than 1 full time GP and our community/ country/world remains in a pandemic and this will limit what we can offer and the frequency of branch clinics.

 As a starting point we have scheduled a branch clinic for both Dundonnell and Achiltibuie at the end of July, August and September.  These branch clinics will be face to face, but only following a telephone call with a clinician prior to the appointment.  If you feel that you require to be seen face to face please call the Health Centre to arrange a telephone appointment in the first instance.

Proof of vaccine status 14th May 2021
The latest guidance from Scottish Government and NHS Scotland regarding proof of vaccination is as follows:
• People should not contact their GP Practice to ask for a Covid vaccination passport or status certificate – they will not be able to provide any standard document. International certification standards have not yet been agreed.
• The Scottish Government is working to support the re-opening of international travel once it is safe to do so. We are working with the other UK Nations and with the World Health Organisation to agree on potential future COVID certification requirements for international travel.
• As part of this, we are developing a technical solution that could allow people to access their Covid vaccination status directly
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